OH1 and OH2 Installation at same time?

Hi, is it possible, to use OH1 (Main-System) and OH2 (for testing) at same time?

I use OH1 on my raspberry as main system for automating my home. Now i want to test with OH2 - but OH1 should be also running.

I want to use OH2 only for reading - no rules which can make problems with already running OH1.

Is this possible? Can i use same bindings in both installations or will there be a problem, when my devices should report status to both installations?

Technically possible but I would not recommend it.

That said, you are of course free to give OH2 a testrun on another machine, your Windows PC or Mac for example.

On another note, please be aware that when testing OH2 you will look into PaperUI. If you already have working configuration files from your OH1.x system, you may like to just stay with a file based solution for now. You do not need to use PaperUI. That said, switching over to OH2 is the right choice. Just backup your OH1 configuration, uninstall, install, install bindings (through addons.cfg) and finally modify (things and new items syntax) and restore your items and rules step by step.