OH1: Rollershutters... numbers instead of strings?

I had a look at various rollershutter threads, which are unfortunately not answering what I am after.

Two issues:

  1. the rollershutter item seems to have three states: up, down, stop
  2. how do I send percent values for the shutter

I have a rollershutter item, which is displayed properly, like, name, percent, icons down, stop, up… and this works --> as in sending these commands via MQTT, and updating the percent value to 0 or 100.
The change from up to down (0 to 100%) is so quick that I cannot press stop to get a value other than 0|100.

Question: how can I use these up down arrows to allow a percent change like a Setpoint item.

Do I actually need to use a setpoint item?
If so, I would have to introduce extra buttons with commands, like 25. 50, 75 %, full up, full down.
Do I need rules to achieve this?

Given that quite a few use rollershutters, how have they been implemented from an item / sitemap perspective?

Ideally, only integers are sent; e.g. 0 (up) to 100 (down), and -1 for stop… or as eluded, fixed values, like 25, etc.

Any hint(s) appreciated.

Should be possible to use mappings:

Rollershutter MyShutter "Shutter State is [%d%%]" 
Switch item=MyShutter mappings=[UP="UP",DOWN="DOWN",STOP="STOP",0="0%",25="25%",50="50%",75="75%",100="100%"]

As I don’t own roller shutters with absolute positioning, I don’t know if this is really correct :wink:

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Thanks Udo… this is a start and it works.
However… (later) :slight_smile:

What I might have to add is: I am building the hardware at present (Arduino and MQTT), and have all the design freedom I want.
The shutters are from rollcom.de (Schlotterer), and seem to have Somfy motors in them; wired technology (WT), which is very simple; there is either up or down while either one is activated.

I can even sense either end point with a current sensor. tick. And the position can be found via timing (time for full run – percentage thereof)…

So yes, you are correct, this can be easily implemented; e.g. values sent via MQTT and processed by the Arduino.

So the “However”…
The mapping results in a long list exceeding the (pretty much) iPhone width for the UI.

Is it correct that there is no other solution for simplifying the sitemap, other than using multiple switches, with, e.g. the 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 values? … either under the roller shutter, or by opening a subframe in the UI (when clicking the relevant roller shutter).

Or should I use a slider? instead. Or a Setpoint?

Did some testing, and it seems the Setpoint with step=25 needs the least UI space and is quick to operate.