OH1: video in sitemaps eats my bandwidth

Hi guys,

I embedded a local mjpeg stream of a webcam in my sitemap:

Text label="Haustür" icon="rework_frontdoor-closed" {
  Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"
  Group label="Einstellungen" icon="rework_settings"  item=DoorBird
  Text item=DoorBird_Ring_Last

The stream itself works fine, the problem is that openhab seems to start the stream (eats bandwidth) after the subview/frame with the video is opened the first time and than never stops streaming until the browser window is closed. Leaving the subview/frame where the video is embedded does not make it stop.
Thats a pity, because I tend to keep a browser tab with openhab open at work the whole day … but as long as the openhab tab is opened in my browser, I can’t really do anything over SSH at my homeserver, because the connection is too slow.

Any ideas?
Would OH2 solve this?