OH2.1-release vs. OH2.2.0-Snapshot

Hi, I would like to know if it is a good idea to jump on 2.2.0-Snapshot as I have seen two artifacts I have (like the Fatal Transport Error message) which seem to be fixed actually in 2.2.0-Snapshots.

My only fear (as i initially started with 2.2.0-Snapshot) that the system may be (quite) instable. For example I had in PaperUI the effect that Edit does not allow a subsequent SAVE in GUI on a specific build…which all was gone when moving to 2.1.0.

So, in short - is 2.2.0 worth the “stability-issues” I may see?
Regards Norbert

I’m almost 24 hours in on 2.2 snapshot and happier so far. 2.1 has been so problematic and crash prone that anything is an improvement. I really miss my 1.8.3 but stupid Java forced my hand.

OH2.2.0-Snapshot will have changes, and these may be breaking changes sometimes, but in general, Snapshot isn’t instable at all.
You don’t need to update/upgrade openHAB every day (when using debian/raspian you can pin the version to hold even when doing an apt full-upgrade) or when upgraded and find some instabilities, you are able to roll back to old installation.

OH2.1.0, on the other hand, is old and has known issues which OH2.2.0 has not. And OH2.2.0 has more features :slight_smile: