OH2.2: Uninstalled bundle getting installed again despite bundle:refresh

Strange problem that drives me nuts:

  • had in OH2.1 addon folder Astro binding: org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.astro_0.9.0.201709260841.jar
  • upgraded to OH2.2
  • installed Astro binding via PaperUI
  • deleted old addon-file from addon folder
  • uninstalled with bundle:uninstall ID
  • refresh bundles with bundle:refresh
  • restart OH2.2
    => Success! bundle:list shows just 1 active Astro bundle 0.10.0.b1

PROBLEM: shutdown and start OH2.2 again

  • OH2.2 tries to install version again but fails since file is missing.
  • bundle:list shows 2 Astro Bindings: 1 Active, the old one as “Installed”
  • Same problem with hue Binding

Has anyone an idea where the old information about the Binding file is stored and what needs to be deleted? I already tried it with clearing cache and temp-folder. No success.


Found config files with reference to “old” addons folder in

Deleted old files and changed