OH2.5 Homekit Service limited to 150 devices?

OpenHABian 2.5 (release image)

After fighting a few things this week, I discovered a 150 device limit. Well, really 149 Accessories, and I guess the OpenHAB bridge itself (149 + 1 = 150). That’s how I’m figuring it.

I can literally build 150 units, and only 149 show. I then remove one of the previously added accessories, and the one that was missing shows up in the default room. I can do this shell game several times to confirm it isn’t a failure on a specific accessory, but seems to really be a limit on the number of accessories being relayed by the OpenHAB bridge.

The question I have is… why? Is this an OpenHAB limit, a HomeKit limit per bridge, etc… A home that has has a combined amount of over 200 lights & alarm zones - do I really have to deploy 2 OpenHAB bridges (perhaps one for lighting and one for security) - but is this really necessary?

Please advise.


Run a homebridge instance (with the openHAB connector). Not sure if it supports for than 150 Devices, but It will give you another 150

If I were going to do that, I’d just spin up another OpenHAB instance in itself. I’m more trying to get to the bottom of the cause of the limit.

Homebridge has a much smaller footprint (memory etc) than openHAB. This is why I chose it (also homekit is more advanced, TVs cameras etc)

Do you know if it has an OmniPro (HAI/Leviton Automation) driver? That’s really what I need in order to connect everything. All my lighting and security is already in the HAI - does home bridge have a HomeKit security element to it (for security systems)?

Yes it does…though so does home assistant…I was originally running my (mqtt) alarm in HA…but then moved it to homebridge. Again because I perceived it as having lower overheads. I’m running some cameras in a homebridge instance as well

This is probably off-topic for this thread, but over on HB, I searched for “Leviton”, “HAI”, “Omni”, and found nothing, which is what steered me back in this direction. Would you be able to PM me where you found the OmniPro driver for HB, I couldn’t find it…

Sorry I was replying to the does it have a security element, rather than the specifics for your alarm.
I use an mqtt based alarm bridge specific for my alarm (Paradox). HB responds to that.

And here I was all excited that someone actually built it. :slight_smile:

Might be up to you to build it. :rofl:

Yeah, don’t really have the skills for that. lol

So you could publish mqtt from openhab (or use homebridge’s openhab connector) and pull in your alarm that way to homebridge. All of my zwave items are pulled in to homebridge for exposing to homekit the latter way.
Eg a temp sensor:

"platform": "openHAB2-Complete",
            "host": "http://openhab.local",
            "port": "8080",
            "accessories": [
                    "name": "Master Bedroom Temperature",
                    "type": "temp",
                    "currentTempItem": "br_master_temperature",
                    "tempUnit": "Celcius"

And it does seem to support a security system:

So if you have your alarm already working in openhab, then this would be able to send it to homekit

So, I have the automation components for lighting and sensors, in OpenHAB, but not the security part of the alarm itself because there isn’t a HomeKit tag for that I’ve found I can use.

I also discovered that OpenHAB doesn’t like when the network goes offline for a second (like, a data switch upgrade) - the links don’t auto-recover, you have to manually disable/enable them (and for HomeKit you have to remove/reinstall, or just reboot the box). Kind of a pain. :slight_smile:

Correct. The openhab homekit implementation does not yet support Security systems. So there two benefits of adding homebridge.

Allow you to expose more than 150 devices.
Allow you to set up a security system (from items already in your openhab system via the openhab2-complete homebridge plugin)

The limitation is HomeKit itself, not OpenHAB. Technically the HAP spec says 100 accessories, but 150 is the in practice limit. If openHAB were to allow exposing more accessories, they would all disappear. I’m hoping to add support someday to easily expose multiple bridges from a single openHAB instance.

Also, SecuritySystem is a supported accessory type with ether latest OpenHAB.