OH2.5 > OH 3 Weather Station REGEX Transformation

Hi looking for some help on the new OH 3 Tranformation on a channel for my Weather station.

Im using REGEX to grab the outside temp.

In 2.5 i had:


in my http.cfg file
and i had:

{homekit=“TemperatureSensor”, http="<[weatherstationCache:30000:REGEX(.?outTemp.?value="(.?)".)]"}

in my Items file. This gave me the outside temp of the weather station. In OH 3 i have added everything via Things UI as follows:

But i am getting UNDEF.

Any pointers appreciated.

Remove the transformation to verify whether the UNDEF is because the binding can’t reach the device or it can’t parse the incoming data.

Nothing changed for REGEX between OH 2.5 and OH 3 so the problem is unlikely to be the transformation.