OH2 Advice please How to using Rules

Hello, I am a university student in Korea who is building the iot system using openhab2.
My team members have succeeded in building and manufacturing the home iot system.(Of course not for commercial use)
One of our products has a system that measures temperature and humidity and tells you.
What is the starting point when you want to implement a system that can check temperature and humidity and operate your own blinds or windows?
I would appreciate it if you could introduce a practical example of how to set the temperature or humidity law in Rules to perform certain actions.
Additionally, the blind and window operating systems have already been implemented and are working properly. So advice for me not hardware but software.

Assuming you haven’t setup your openhab system yet, the best place to start is over here: https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/windows.html

First understand the concepts of openhab in the overview section and move on to installation. This tutorial site explains everything from items, sitemaps to rules which you need to get your system up and running.

Look for thermostat rules in the forum there are plenty of examples

I’ve already developed a one-man household system using mqtt through openhab and have a module that’s already completed. But the question is, how can I control the blinds according to the changes in temperature and humidity. (In other words, the openhab system is already installed)
So the point is What should I start with?

A rule


rule "Thermostat changed generic"
    Item Thermostat_Temperature changed
    if (previousState == NULL) return;
    val offset = 0.5
    val target = Thermostat_Target.state as Number
    val ambient = Thermostat_Temperature.state as Number
    var turnOnTemp = target - (offset / 2)
    var turnOffTemp = target + (offset / 2)

    if (ambient <= turnOnTemp) {
        if (window.state == CLOSED) {
            if (radiator.state == OFF) {
    } else if (ambient >= turnOffTemp) {
        if (radiator.state == ON) {

PS, we are NOT here to write code for you
We are here to help
So search the forum and read the docs (You are a student so should be used to do that)
Come up with your own solution and IF it doesn’t work, get back on the forum and ask for help

Good luck