OH2 and Icons

Hi all,

some questions to icons.

  1. Where do I find Icons which can be used which are part of the OH2 distri? Is this the list of icons http://docs.openhab.org/addons/iconsets/classic/readme.html and do I just use the icon file name? Something like seems not to work out for me.
  2. On http://docs.openhab.org/addons/iconsets/classic/readme.html there are icons shown like the battery status getting more and more empty. Do I have to manually code that the different states are used depending on the battery status or is it somehow “automatic”?
  3. After updating to a nightly build (my first time) it seems the icons are not working anymore in a webbrowser (IE and Firefox). The mobile iphone app still shows the icons so. What might be wrong?


Also take a look at the Wiki page

Pretty sure you need to manually code alternative icons at this time.

@NoTechi - in OH2, all of the icons you linked are available. Here is the github page that lists the names to make it easier - ICON SET

NOTE! This github page lists .png files. I believe the default is .svg in OH2. You can change this default behavior in the configurations. Regardless of the file extenstion, to use the icons in your items definition, just use the name of this image without the file extension. eg. < network-on> . The same names work in OH2 by default.

Depending on how you define your items, the different states can be “automatic.” Read the documentation, the -on in network-on, as an example will help you define states and turn things into “automatic” with rules.

To use your own icons:

create a folder [openhab-root]/conf/icons/classic

Then store either .png or .svg (depending on your configurations) files in that folder, and call them the exact same way you do the other icon set, without the file extension.

Many thanks Balan and Mike!