OH2 and Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensors


I’m fairly new to OH.
Currently I’m setting up my OH2.4 instance and I try to integrate all my devices step by step.

Now I want to integrate my Netatmo devices.
In the manual for the binding of Netatmo I can’t find the smart door and window sensors.
Is OH able to recognize and integrate those sensors?
Unfortunately I can’t find any thread with this topic here.

If not is it planned to integrate them and by when?



I have tagged this thread to attract more assistance. The bindings ate all created by volunteers. Perhaps you can assist the developer in getting support added if necessary.

I did some further investigation.

In the channel there is a channelID welcomeEventType.
If I have a look into the API of netatmo then I will find security event like tag_big_move which is related to the sensor.
If this will be provided by the welcomeEventType then everything would be fine.

Currently I’m not at the stage to test it. Perhaps someone can verify this.

Did you ever get thing working ?