OH2 and RaZBerry: Unknown devices

Hello everybody.

Lots of help i gat already by reading a load on postings. But now i have to ask for your help.

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry 3B v1.2
    • OS: "Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu Embedded (JDK1.8.0_152)
    • openHAB version: openHAB2

After using a Raspi with a RaZberry2 board and the z-way server for one year i decided to change to OH2.
Last 2 days i was fiddling around to get my Razberry2 up and (and partly?) running.

In my network there are only 4 thermostatic valves:
3x Eurotronic Spirit
1x Danfoss Livingconnect Z

As far as i understand i don’t have to ex- and include these devices again in the z-wave network, right?

In HABmin i added the z-wave binding (2.4.0), configured the Thing “Z-Wave Serial controller” and so i got all 4 devices to my inbox and added them.

Danfoss device was identified correctly and i configured the 4 channels for Temp, setpoint and so on. But all the Spirits aren’t identified - Unknown device.
I ran around the floor to push some button on the devices to wake them up although i thought FLiRS would make this unnecesary. No update on the Thing in HABmin or PaperUI.
I attached the part from openhab.log with “Node 3”.
log_Analyzed_Node3.log (18.9 KB)

An other thing is:
In HABmin => Thing “Z-wave Serial Controler”: in the thing configuration i can see 6 channels. But what do they mean?
On my first little try with OH2 i used the z-way binding and when i included the controler via this binding i had channels and items configured as on z-way side (e.g. “Secure Inclusion”, “Inclusion”, “Exclusion”,…). It doesn’t look like the 6 channels on the controller via z-wave binding have the same function…

Thanks a lot for any kind of help :slight_smile:



I can’t help with the problem except to recommend waking them up a few more times.

The Channels on the Zwave controller Thing are status and statistics and won’t be needed by most users.

If you edit the Thing you sill see parameters where you can set parameters like the network security key and the like but most users won’t need to do that.

To perform an inclusion, open the Inbox and press the scan icon. This will put the binding into inclusion mode and you will have 30 seconds to do whatever you need to do on the device to include it onto the controller. To have a little more control over the inclusion process or to perform an exclude you will need to use Habmin.

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There was a recent PR that may help with your issue…

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Thanks @5iver and @rlkoshak for your answers and support and beginners guide.

After not touching the system for 3 days none of the spirit valves woke up (i guess) and in HABmin and PaperUI there were no updates.

Today i excluded and (re)included the devices one by one.
After adding them all the Sirit devices got their manufacturer details were loaded and the config went successful :slight_smile:

Thanks again!