OH2 and SH Designer

I’m re-starting my effort to migrate from OH1 to OH2, I’m still having problems with bindings/configs and the like (I think there’s something fundamental I’m not getting - but that’s for other posts).

I’ve installed ESHD, 64bit windows stable version, following these instructions: http://docs.openhab.org/installation/designer.html

I recall that with OH1.x and designer, it was necessary to download the addons you were using and duplicate those in the designer/addons directory. I assume that as it isn’t mentioned in the doc’s it’s no longer a required step - only reason I ask is that there’s a /addons directory?

  • if it is required step, how do you do it with the single download for all of the addons - just copy that?

Secondly, I’ve removed all references to org.openhab.core.*, and have left the rest of the imports…however, this line (and others similar):

import org.openhab.model.script.actions.*

gives me a big “X” and the following error:

Multiple markers at this line
- The use of wildcard imports is deprecated.
- The type RfxcomRules is already defined in rfxcom.rules.

and as a consequence, the whole file is underlined with the wavy line.


I didn’t know that about OH 1.x. I’ve seen nothing in ESHD to indicate one way or the other if that would work. Right now I just realize that Actions are not recognized. I only have a couple so it isn’t a big deal.

To get rid of the deprecrated error do not use .*. Instead import each class you need to explicetly. For example use java.util.Map instead of java.util.*.

I can say that Actions will work if you do not import them. I’m not certain if that is universally true of all Actions or not. I’m also not certain that Actions are still located in org.openhab.model.script.actions.*. You no longer import these largely because these classes have been moved around.

The type error is as far as I can tell unrelated to the import. At least it appears so, though if you remove the import and the error goes away that would clearly indicate I’m wrong.

Often this is an indication that there is a fundamental syntax error. Do you have RfxcomRules defined in more than one file?