OH2 and UDP config?

Hello, I have been using OpenHAB 1.X for a while with good results. Now I have taken the plunge and migrated to OH2. However I am struggling to get a working UDP string input working. In the log file, I get the following lines:

We will accept data coming from the remote end /
… Unrelated stuff…
Received data G9OFF from an undefined remote end / We will not process it
No channel is active or defined for the data we received from / It will be discarded.

The item definition is:
String udpIn “[%s]” (All) {udp="<[‘REGEX((.*))’]"}

I have addressmask set to true in udp.cfg.
This is on a Raspberry Pi 2. I have a daemon interfacing with some devices, feeding data to OH through a UDP port. The really strange thing is, if I restart everything, it will sometimes work correctly!

Any clues??



Hi @peteben,

I think I’m having the same problem here. Did you manage to get a solution to your problem?