OH2 and Z-Wave Healing

Just sharing … in case others are wondering about the same … hope this helps.

I have a bunch of z-wave devices, but no security related items at all (like door locks would be). So until now I was watching this huge topic of the refactoring as a spectator.

There was one topic that I was curious about though: zwave network healing. Apparently it was working in OH1 but isn’t in the current OH2 binding (2.0).
My Network looked like this after 2+ months:

Notice the 2 devices on the far right…

Yesterday I went through the pain of removing all items and switching over to the 2.1 version of the binding. Immediately afterwards the network looked like this:

(just ID 18 not added yet, as it hadn’t initialized yet)
One night later, it looks like this:

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Newest snapshot or development/refactoring?

I used the one that is linked on the top of the huge refactoring / security post … which is labeled “2.1.0-SNAPSHOT” and dated 2017-04-23 :

A few posts in there is @ptmuldoon 's 10 step instruction … I followed those and had to be extremely patient after step 10 … initially most devices showed up as unknown.

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For about how long time where you patient? :slight_smile:
And did you add the devices only after they where known, or did you re-add unknown devices?

I have no known devices after hours. All the zwave xml files has


Had to go back to regular binding last night, to get back some functionality of the house, but the heal will certainly help my set-up.

I’m not sure … maybe 30 minutes or so … but I have 18 out of 20 devices on mains power, which means they should not sleep. And my 2 remaining battery powered devices I was actively waking up …

And yes, I always waited for a device to be identified before adding it. The last one I added after a nights’ waiting - it was a battery powered one.

OK, thanks. I guess there’s something incompatible in my set-up, but I’ll let it spin a few more hours before giving up.
(I have about 60-70 devices, only about 10 battery powered).

I have nothing close to that many devices, but I remember most items showed up pretty quickly.

If you haven’t, check your logs to make sure no errors. And I believe you still need to manually start the serial binding, even after an OH2 update as well.

I had to go back to the old binding, since 24h did not change anything. Yes, the serial binding is started. I had some trouble getting all up, but after I tried a couple of things, it looks to be running as it should, just that the xml’s has no device information. I think I read in the big thread, that this might mean that the devices never goes through the complete initialization/startup. I don’t see why no device get’s through though.

Sometimes it is a bit tricky finding issues with many nodes, simply because of the amount of log data is produced. And I don’t really know what to look for - which issues can cause this behaviour. I haven’t seen anything obvious (to me).

But:- it is easy to try the new binding, I just have to stop ‘production oh’ and start test oh, so I have not given up for good. Just need some time and help to know what to look for.