[OH2] [Astro Binding] [Feature Request] Seasons in Australia

Until I made use of the Season Name in the amazing astro binding I didn’t realise that Australia was seemingly alone in starting seasons not on the equinox or solstice but on the first of the month and each season with a 3 month duration.
I.e Spring starts 1st September
Summer starts 1st December
Autumn starts 1st March
Winter starts 1st June

It’s not the highest priority but perhaps the Location item can be detected in the Binding to set Season Name for us Down Under.

Further info:
It may be that Sth America observes the Aussie convention as some searches I made refer to the various seasons “beginning in” March, June, September and December. It does seem that New Zealand follows the Equinox/Solstice convention with a small variation.
According to https://seasonsyear.com/South-Africa , “Spring in South Africa starts in August”.

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That’s a good one! To get this implemented you can enter a new issue in the Eclipse SmartHome issue tracker. That’s the place where the Astro Binding code is maintained.

According to the Wikipedia Season page there are even places where they use 6 seasons as well! :slight_smile:

I realise this is a very old thread

It looks like the OPs issue is still present (Season is telling me we are still in Autumn in Australia which isn’t correct). There is a feature request in Eclipse Smarthome issue tracker which has had no comments since it was posted a year ago.


I have added a comment there as well just now, but I’m wondering if that is still the best place to post it where someone might have a chance to see it

No, posting issue on ESH repo is not the good place, you should report it in oh2 addons repository