OH2 - Automatic startup service on Rawspberry

Installed OH 2.3 on Raspberry via the embedded Raspbian image o.s.
I’m asked at every boot to login with the openhabian credentias

I wonder if there’s a way to automated this process, usefull in some cases, accindentally reboot for example

Maybe I’m wrong and the username/password required at the end of the Raspberry boot is only for the Raspberry itself and not to make the openhab services finishing their startup process?

You do not need to log into the RPi for OH to run. Assuming that the install computers without errors, OH well start at boot on its own.

You only need to log in when you want to manually interact with the RPi so it should not automatically log in at boot.

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Ok, now it’s more clear and safe but…
What’s the matter with the fact the at the end of boot it stuck with a username and password request?
By the way, it’s only after entering these credentials that system return the splash information with configuration info (ip for example) and the suggested url to access by

There is nothing wrong with that. It’s standard and how almost every computer works unless you go out of your way to configure it to automatically log in. Nothing is wrong.

Correct, because that information is part of the script that runs when the openhabian user logs in. If there were another login on the system it might show something else.