OH2 Basic UI strange behaviour with MQTT data

Hi Guys,

I am trying resolve some strange behaviour I am seeing after the UI receives an update via MQTT.

When I first open the UI, the data is shown correctly with the units. However after it receives an update it loses the unit data.

For example for Return Temperature the first reported value is 17.9 °C, but after the next update displayed value reverts to 17.90. I should add that the raw value being sent via MQTT is also 17.90, but this does not explain why it works properly first time round.

Also, if I refresh the page then the values and units are displayed correctly, but only until the next data update.

If I look at the same data on the Classic UI I do not see the same problem as above.

FYI my item definitions are as follows:

Number temp_supply “Supply Temperature [%.1f °C]” (temperature, GF_ManCave) {mqtt="<[mqttService:myHouse/services/hvac/unit1/temp:state:default]"}
Number humidity_supply “Supply Humidity [%.1f %%]” (temperature, GF_ManCave) {mqtt="<[mqttService:myHouse/services/hvac/unit1/humidity:state:default]"}
Number temp_return “Return Temperature [%.1f °C]” (temperature, GF_ManCave) {mqtt="<[mqttService:myHouse/services/hvac/unit1/temp2:state:default]"}

Any ideas what I can do to fix this?


I’m experiencing this same behaviour

I have just installed the latest snapshot and see that the behaviour has now changed.

In the Basic UI the MQTT data values now do not change unless I refresh the page. In the Classic UI the values change when new data is received.

This is not too big a deal for this particular application, however I am also developing some other environmental monitoring systems that I will want to update on the screen without having to physically refresh the page.

FYI, for testing purposes the device that I am developing for monitoring my HVAC system’s is sending fresh data every 5 seconds.

Please advise.


Forget my last message, it has just reverted to the earlier reported behaviour.

The system must have been busy doing things after my upgrade to the latest snapshot. today.