OH2 Beta 4 Groupe Charts working only on Web, not on App

First my apologies if this topic doesn’t fit in the proper category, the reason why i didn’t submit it under Habdroid is because the Habdroid version didn’t change and have an existing Setup where Habdroid does not have the issue, hence the issue could of with the latest SNAPSHOT of OH2.

to make it simple and quick: Group Charts appears as blank (while blank with 0, Chart appears but not data) in Habdroid and iOS with the latest OH2 Beta 4, how ever, on the web interface they work seamlessly.

anyone faced this issue before ? how i can dig this deeper to retrieve relevant logs ?

This should be solved in the latest snapshot build of HABDroid (not yet on the PlayStore), see https://github.com/openhab/openhab.android/pull/225.