OH2 camera in habPanel

In OH 1.8 I used in sitemap.conf text item to view my camera:
Text item=camera label=“camera IP” icon=“camera” Webview label=“camera” icon=“camera” url=""
How to do the same in habPanel in OH 2.0 ?

It’s OK with Habpanel in OH 2.0.

  • If link of camera is MJPEG, you create a Image Widget, ex : this link is MJPEG “http://<camera_ip>/now.jpg?snap=spush”
  • If link of camera is a html page, you create a Frame Widget, ex : this link is html page "http:///livevid.html"
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Works great , this is what I needed. thanks a lot.

What about connection rtsp like :
is it possible ?

Did you ever get an answer on this? I’d also like rtsp streams in habpanel

I use only MJPEG, link for my Hikvision camera look like this:

You can install a service ffmpeg (ffserver) on linux, then convert the rtsp from nvr or camera to mjpeg.

Then using mjpeg added habpanel with code HTML

 <img src="http://ip:8090/camera.mjpeg">
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Oh Thank you so much, I don’t have time to work on it now, but I will be giving it a shot soon

Great so I setup a test box running Ubuntu, I got ffmpeg up and working, and I got my feeds visible within habpanel.
But how do I get ffserver to start at bootup(I’m really sorry, I know its a noob question but I’ve been googleing for hours now)?
And how can I start streams automatically after ffserver starts?

Right now I ssh in and start ffserver manually, then for each camera I open another ssh session and start a stream

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, I also use a camera hikvision I want to import the video to openhab, is there any possibility? , because I have tried to use rtsp or http and I can not see the image, in openhab I have the black screen, as if it were an encryption error or problems with CSP

Hello Wander,

I have also hikvision devices. When i want to see the device in openhab i use the following rule.

That’s not a rule though, it’s a URL.

What’s the rule?

Out of interest, which camera model do you have?


If anyone is interested i found a solution for the Wyze Cam to get integrated into Habpanel.

It is not working for me :frowning:
whenever I include the user:password@ part in the url, a box pops up asking for the user name and password of the camera

Any ideas on how to get this to work please?

Have a read of this post.

For me this link worke to get a picture form my Cam