OH2 Change Color of Hue Lights Group


I am not able to change a group of Hue Lights with an rule in OH2. I tried the following:

rule "Hue Color Schlafzimmer"
Item Licht_Farbe_SZ received command
var hsbValue = Licht_Farbe_SZ.state as HSBType

sendCommand(Licht_Farbe_SZ_Iris, hsbValue)
sendCommand(Licht_Farbe_SZ_Bloom_Links, hsbValue)
sendCommand(Licht_Farbe_SZ_Bloom_Rechts, hsbValue)


This caused an failure -> [ERROR] [.script.engine.ScriptExecutionThread] - Rule ‘Hue Color Schlafzimmer’: org.eclipse.smarthome.core.library.types.HSBType

Was some one able to switch the color of an group of lights in OH2?

best regards René

Have you tried actually creating a Group and foregoing the rule?

Group:Color Licht_Farbe_SZ
Color Licht_Farve_SZ "label" <icon> (Licht_Farve_SZ) { binding }
Color Licht_Farve_Bloom_Links "label" <icon> (Licht_Farve_SZ) { binding }

On your sitemap use:

Colorpicker item=Licht_Farbe_SZ


is it normal that the Group Color item only shows the dim value instead the whole HSB value?

I don’t use Color so can’t say what is normal or not.