OH2, digitalSTROM, all lights OFF

Maybe someone can step in? I try to avoid single commands to each member of the light group and send a group command. digitalSTROM has the scenes commands, however I don’t get it to work. I can’t even find it under things, even though I re-run the scan a second time to get all scenes. This messes the things list a bit up because there are 140+ scenes now but anyways…

Did someone get this to work?

rule "Licht alle AUS"

when Item AllLightOff changed to ON

then    gLight.members.forEach[i|i.sendCommand(OFF)]
        sendTelegram("bot1", "Alle Lichter aus")


rule "Licht alle AN"

when Item AllLightOn changed to ON

then    gLight.members.forEach[i|i.sendCommand(ON)]
        sendTelegram("bot1", "Alle Lichter AN")


when you gLight group is from type switch and set to a function like Function All ON → ON else OFF you can just send gLight.sendCommand(ON)
of course this only work when you have the on/off switches of the lights added to the group first