OH2/digitalstrom HKL230 not supported

Hello all

It is a bit silent here, at least when it comes to “digitalstrom”…

I try again: My HKL230 devices are unfortunately not properly supported, unless I overlooked something…

Is there any chance that this binding will be updated anytime soon? I mean, it can’t be super difficult for one who knows how to go about it, right?

Hi Marc,
starting a second conversation with the same context is not very helpfull.
If you read the Binding doc, your device is not on the supported/tested list.
Is it really autodiscovered? If yes, yould you please post a hardcopy of the Thing page.
What you could try is to setup an Item with the appropriate channel definition, as the doc already has a sample for Blinds with angle setting.

Hello Hans-Jörg

You are not quite right! My previous message did not generate any reaction, this one did :wink: I also feel that you are a bit impatient with me new user, probably because everything is so obvious to the long term expert? But thank you for helping me. In fact, it already did guide me into the proper direction. Yes, these devices got autodetected but don’t allow me to see the angle value. Would it mean to delete them manually in PaperUI and create a „things“ file in the config directory? But then I guess I better put the ALL into the digitalstrom.things, or not?

I appreciate your help indeed.

Thank you.

I am on the road currently but I give it a try tomorrow…

I stand corrected! It DID autodetect the proper device, even though it is missing in the documentation… But, it does not give me the angle, which the device can do…

Hi Marc,
i was not impacient, just get a bit „annoyed“ a bit when I see double postings.
I saw your first posting but do not really have a clue.
If your device is autodetected, the binding should read the capabilities and dynamically add the propriate channels. When you look at PaperUI -> Config -> Things You see these channels, is there a „Show more“ button ?
If not, it seems to be a bug in the Binding, which you should be address at

You don‘t need to define your Things textual, just try to create an Item with the angle channel in your Items file and see if that works.