oH2 doesn´t get updates from homegear

Hi there,

my oH2 setup stopped receiving updates from homegear for configured items.
I´m not getting any changes from my homematic parts to my oH2 installation.
I started my oH1 setup and it´s still working even that homegear runs on the oH2 raspi.

Raspberry Pi3
openHAB 2.3.0-1 (Release Build)
Homematic Binding 2.3.0
homegear version 0.7.30-1900

All Things are shown as online in the Paper UI but my items have some saved states from the MySQL database.
Not any change from one of my 9 homematic devices is recognized by oH2.
So i fired up my second rasp with oH1 again, changed the homematic binding settings to the IP-address of my oH2 raspi and it´s working fine!
The sitemap shows all correct states and every change is listed in the events.log

I already changed the oH2 things settings from 192.168.2.X to
The bridge is still shown as only in the PaperUI but no item changes…

I´m even able to change configurations on the homematic devices through the things settings.
For example, the comfort or lowering temperatures.

Any ideas?

kind regards

No real solution…

I choosed the option to unpair and do a factory reset for my 8 homematic devices, cleared the homegear installation, cleared the oH2 installation from everything that relates to homematic and started from scratch.

After that i had no problems and oH2 is now getting every update for the configured Things and Items.