[OH2] Everything is working fine

I had to post in the Off-Topic category… it doesn’t fit anywhere else…

After 6 months of using openHAB2 with various bindings (KNX, Z-Wave, MQTT, Weather, Network, Samsung TV, Astro, etc), various UIs (Paper, Basic, HABPanel, HABDroid, iOSApp, etc), rules that trigger commands and persistence services (mapdb, influxdb) plus Grafana…

Everything is working fine… There are no problems :frowning:

What should I do? :slight_smile:


What versions do you use of the bindings.
I had to go back to 1.X to have an stable solution.


I nearly have the same experience, everything except 1 binding works great for me.
Maybe try the CalDAV command binding, it used to work for me for a while in OH2, and since a few weeks I get an error message.
See: caldav-binding
Would be great to find out if it works for you :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m very happy for your resoult. Indeed I started only 3 days ago with OH2 migration. After first step of problems now all seems fine

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Clearly you are doing something very wrong here. A system working like that really is no fun at all. Surely there must be some really obscure rules you could enhance your environment with?


Sorry, I don’t get the point here. What is your question ???
No Problems as you describe, thats fine.

I think the point here is a big complement to the development team. They have reached 2.0 and it’s very stable.

I agree, that OH2 is an amazing achievement.

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I am running the latest versions since I update my openHAB2 package every week. I like to be always on the latest Snapshot release for 2 reasons: (a) To help with the testing & (b) To enjoy all the bleeding edge features as they come out.

Even in this case (constant upgrades and tinkering), the connections to my main components (e.g. KNX) are running extremely smooth and stable.

openhab> bundle:list
175 | Active   |  80 |   | mPower Binding
177 | Active   |  80 |    | openHAB 1.x Compatibility Layer
192 | Active   |  80 |   | openHAB KNX Binding
193 | Active   |  80 |   | openHAB MQTT Binding
194 | Active   |  80 |    | Samsung Tv Binding
195 | Active   |  80 |   | openHAB Weather Binding
196 | Active   |  80 |    | ZWave Binding

My post is essentially a big bravo from my side to the people who created and continue to develop this software…
It is running great in my case and the possibilities of further expansion are endless… If only I had more free time to make more complex use cases with what I have… :slight_smile:

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Assuming you are using Ubuntu 14.0.4, I would upgrade your system in situ to 16.0.4. A thousand small things will go wrong which you can then spend many happy months tracking down and fixing.

You can always test the dev branch for z-wave security :slight_smile:

Should I go for the beta or unstable repository?


unstable to get the snapshots

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Go back into your rules and see if there are ways to make them more efficient, easier to read, easier to maintain, etc…

Start coming up with new things to automate and/or information to pull in.

Look into your hosting platform and come up with a good/better backup, deployment, and maintenance approaches. I’m currently needing to completely rebuild my system because I didn’t keep up with these things when I switched over to OH 2 and lost pretty much everything I accomplished since switching to OH 2. :frowning:

Just enjoy what you have accomplished and start a new hobby.

One request I would make is to have you write or at least post your working Weather binding config. I know you have seen the flurry of Weather binding problem postings the past couple of weeks.

Except for a hick-up with the MQTT Action killing my MQTT Binding, my setup has been very stable on OH 2 as well.

  • zwave 2.0
  • astro 2.0
  • expire 1.9
  • network 2.0
  • http 1.9
  • nest 1.9
  • mqtt 1.9
  • basicui
  • paperui
  • habmin
  • mapdb
  • influxdb
  • notify my android
  • map
  • jsonpath
  • regex
  • openhabcloud

To quote the Canadian TV character Red Green: “If it ain’t broke, you’re not trying hard enough.”


Great. Unfortunately there are still hundreds of not working OH2s out there. Maybe you can help us…

Yes ! Join the dev team and develop new bugs :slight_smile:

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Have been using snapshots and updates regularly OH2/WIN10 with good success and loving the new features. So naturally I tried the release… have been tying to get any binding to work and have had to revert to old builds. I don’t know whats going on but if this has happened to any one else I would love to know!

Despite this I really do think the work being done here is great. Please keep up the good work!!

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