OH2 - Ikea Tadfri blinds are not moving anymore

Since yesterday my Ikea Tadfri blinds are not working anymore.
If I tap on up or down it does not move.
The position is immedieately changed to 100 or 0, but nothing happens.

Inside the Ikea app the blinds are working. Only in OpenHabe anymore.

There is also no infos in the logs:

2020-12-29 13:10:29.907 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Kitchen_Blind1_Position_Ikea' received command DOWN

2020-12-29 13:10:30.015 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - Kitchen_Blind1_Position_Ikea predicted to become DOWN

2020-12-29 13:10:30.031 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Kitchen_Blind1_Position_Ikea changed from 0 to 100

I have just restartet openHab and my Rasperry Pi with openhabian but Problem is the same.
Can anybody help?

Found an similiar issue here:

This comment solved my problem:

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Hi @chrisonline,

I see you have had the same issue I’m experiencing. Looking at the two comments above, the only suggestion is to power cycle the hub or disconnecting the network cable and reconnecting. I’ve done this a few times and still not managed to get anything from my blind. Was there anything else you did?



Hi @Maximo !

I only power cycle the Ikea hub and afterwards it is working again.
If not I do also a restart of the openHub.

Are you on openHab 2 or already 3?

I’m still running with OH2. I’ve also power cycled the hub this morning, left it switched off for about 30 minutes. The blind is now controllable once again. Strange as I’d previously power cycled the hub to no affect, may be leaving it off longer was the solution.

Thanks for your reply @chrisonline

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