OH2 isn't "seeing" my mail.cfg?

I’ve installed the Mail Addon “Action” and updated the services/mail.cfg to contain my smpt.gmail.com settings but when make a call to sendMail, a log entry is generated:

2017-11-29 22:13:18.776 [ERROR] [rg.openhab.action.mail.internal.Mail] - Cannot send e-mail because of missing configuration settings. The current settings are: Host: ‘null’, port ‘null’, from ‘null’, startTLSEnabled: false, sslOnConnect: false, username: ‘null’, password ‘null’

The mail.cfg file in the services folder definitely DOES have host, port, from, startTLSEnabled, username and password configured. What gives?

I’m running SS 2.2.0 build 1098 and Mail Action 1.11.0 SnapShot

Thanks for any clues.

Oops… Never mind. I just noticed that the mail.cfg lines are all commented out by default. I had to uncomment each of the options. Duh! LOL!