OH2 - Issues with z-Stick Gen5 First Install

Before any “why not linux” questions, want to answer with: I am also doing this and using it for a lab for students at the local high school, at 3 different levels. The high school does not allow linux installs due to not having “good enough” prevention software on the machines. Can’t change that policy, so working with it.

Picked up a Z-Stick Gen5 and a simple Z-wave plug. Followed the instructions, got everything installed, and when I tried to get OH2 to talk to it with the binding, got issues. Tried using Aeotec’s IMA tools, and while it can detect the proper port, I get a response that it can’t establish a connection.

Has anyone else come across this with Win7 or any other platform? Can provide logs if needed.

We don’t tend to care what OS you are using. Everyone has their reasons for using what they do. The only thing we do kind of push on is if you are using a Debian based Linux to use apt-get to install.

2.0 version of the binding or 1.9 version?

The fact that neither the zwave binding and the IMA tools are having problems connecting to the port I wonder if there is some additional policy in place on the machines preventing USB devices from working correctly. You might be able to find something in the Windows audit logs.

Did some digging and got it working… at least for now… with caveats. Going to document them here in case someone else runs into them.

Using IMATool from Aeotec, it wasn’t seeing the port that I had manually set on the driver after following the installation instructions. If you haven’t followed those, here they are. Basically, if IMATool doesn’t find them, OpenHab won’t find them either.

Rich was spot on when he said check out the event logs. Look for Event Viewer and the System logs within it. In this case, there was a warning log for Kernel-PNP and a matching info log next to it. I was able to search on that and find that a lot of people had success restarting the driver in this case, and it seems to work.