OH2 - item formatting - zwave vs specified

With specified items, ie, any dht22 based mqtt items I can specify:
Number br_master_temperature "Master Bedroom Temperature [%.1f °C]" <bedroom> (g_temperature) {mqtt="<[frodo:2fmaster/temperature:state:default]"}

The important bit is that I can specify the formatting of the temp reading for display.

With a zwave item (configured as an item in paperui), It just displays the name and then the value, I cant get it to add the °C or or to more than 2 decimal places.

Is this possible, or do I have to actually manually create each item for zwave as well?

You may add that to the label as well with PaperUI or HABmin in the things config:

Ie change the item label to "temperature [%.1f °C]? Yeah I tried that already before posting.

I does work in my config, does it not in yours?

Maybe I screwed it uo. Mine just came out with temperature [%.1f °C]. Then out the right the value.

I edited in by modifying the paper ui label for the item (simple linking turned off). Is there somewhere where I should make this change?

That should be the right place, although I never have tried adding a formatting in PaperUI, I am using HABmin for managing my zwave items.
And I never tried to add special characters, I am only using %s or %d. Try if it works without special characters …