OH2 keeps losing configuration

my OH2 Setup worked fine until about two weeks ago. After the nightly apt-get update/upgrade OH2 stopped working as expected. I then tried re-installing and switching from online to offline snapshot.
Since then, after the nightly procedure of applying the newest snapshot OH2 keeps loosing configuration randomly. Either I don’t see HABmin or HABpanel, Homekit Binding and have to reinstall (most of) the Bindings after each upgrade.
Could anyone help me please? I use mapdb for persistence, configured from Papaer UI.
BTW. does Build #568 imply, that I am using a newer version of beta 4?

Thanks for your help.

I believe there are some issues being worked on to resolve this, but if you do the above then openHAB will at least reconfigure itself for you.

Yes, you can see the timestamp of each snapshot build here.

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