OH2 "KNX Basic Binding" availability schedule

Hi all,

I am using OH2.1 and ran into some problems in using the OH1 knx1.9 and 1.11-SNAPSHOT bindings. Tunnel mode is not working with Eibmarkt IP Router and Eibmarkt IP Interface (AFAIK these are OEM versions of Weinzerl products) and I had the message loopback problem which I hopefully was able to temporarily fix by following the instructions in this thread OH2 KNX 1.9 Binding - read from KNX results in a write.

Due to all my problems I am seriously interested in using the most recent knx2 binding instead and try to solve my problems there if they still exist.

I was able to find the KNX Basic Binding pull request #2323 which is in the queue for a couple of months now.
Is that known to be the most recent approach for a knx2 binding?
Is the repository sjka/openhab2-addons the right place to get in touch with the sources?
Is there any estimated schedule for availability of that binding in the official release?

Any information is highly appreciated.