OH2 my.openHAB shows offline and nothing in logs


As I can’t find an answer in the forum or somehwere else, I’m creating a new topic.

I’m trying to get my.openHAB to run on my RPI with OH2 beta3 (no snapshot release).
I installed the extension in the Paper UI and created an account at my.openhab.org.
Also I found the UUID and secret and made sure they are correct in the my.openhab.org account settings.

Unfortunately nothing happens, in the logs I don’t see anything related to my.openhab (debug mode not active) and at my.openhab.org it shows “offline”.

Question 1: What about the security:option=EXTERNAL option in OH2, do I need to make it? If yes, where?
Question 2: How can I debug the system to get an idea what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance.

I’d guess you don’t have java version 1.8u102 installed. Check the multiple threads in the my openhab section.

Hi Jürgen,

I have oracle-java8-jdk installed. Is that not enough?

Maybe I should mention that I start OH2 with the -Djdk.tls.client.protocols=TLSv1 switch, don’t know if that has an impact.


It must be 1.8.1_101 or later. My.openhab.org servers has to update their DSL cert a couple weeks ago. They used letsencrypt.org as the certificate authority. Oracle did not add let’s encrypt.org as a trusted CA until the 101 release.

I see. Seems 1.8.0_65-b17 is installed.

I’ll try it!