OH2 new rule engine only saves two conditions

I am using OH2 beta 4 with the new-gen rules. When I enter more than two conditions for my rule OH2 seems to save the rule fine. But when I open the rule again it only displays two conditions. I am using a temperature and solar azimuth and solar elevation. But the last one of the solar conditions I enter survives and the first that I have entered is no longer shown. No matter which one I enter first or second. The temperature condition always stays in the rule. Does anybody else sees this?

I quickly tested this and I can reproduce it. Looks clearly like a bug.
May I ask you to enter a bug report at https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues? Thanks!

Done https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/2202
I noticed today that the rules is saved correctly in JSON format (what you get when you click on the name of the rule in the list of rules). The JSON contains both solar conditions but the rule editor does only show one. I already put that into the above linked issue.

By the way: where do the next-gen rules get stored? I did not find them in the database I use for persistance and also not in the file system…

They are stored in the mapdb database, just like Things etc. that you define through the Paper UI.

I created 100+ next-gen rules in the correct json format using a text editor (based on a click composed rule). Is there a way to import this json file in openhab2?
Manual clicking in paperui to create those rules would be a hell of a job (124 rules).