OH2 : NFC tag reading triggering 2 actions, one on server, one on android app

Hi everyone,

I am trying to do the following with OpenHab2 server and Android app client:
When reading an NFC tag with my phone I would like that:
-Openhab shows a specific menu on the phone
-A switch item change status

I manage to have each individual task triggered by programming the NFC tag with specific URL either pointing to the sitemap menu or the item action but I am stuck for having both triggered.

I have tried writing 2 records on the NFC tag but it seems only the first one is considered and the 2nd ignored. Have you managed to to this in some way? If so what setup did you use?

Thank you for your help


You’ll probably need to use something like Tasker to read the tag and then do the two actions. There is a plugin for Tasker for openHAB which can send the command to the Item.

Thank you Rich