OH2 Nginx iOS app

I setup oh2 with an nginx proxy per the documentation. I have used https port forwarding with the iOS app and OH 1.8 for over a year. I cannot get it to reliably work now.

I often will open the app and it will just be white. If I go to settings and clear cache sometimes it will come back but seemingly only on wifi (home or somebody else’s). On LTE I have to connect via vpn. But I can open a browser on my phone and browse to the URL and access basicui just fine.

If I get it working on wifi and transition to lte it stays working for a while so I know it’s capable of working.

I have the same problem.
See here: https://github.com/openhab/openhab.ios/issues/110

Yeah, I found that after and wondered.

I’m a little frustrated in that the iOS app is seemingly stale.

I think the only person who looks after the iOS App is @digitaldan
So maybe he can help us

I wonder what is different about OH2 that causes this. I tried port forwarding directly to OH (bypass nginx and authentication) as a quick test and it still didn’t work. The same app worked with OH1’s ssl previously. Also works on local WIFI for whatever reason. I also got it to work at my buddies house on his wifi.

For me it doesn’s even work when I’m in the Wifi.
To 100% I get the white screen

That’s odd. Definitely something slightly different then for me. I just tried at work and it went to the white screen. I tapped settings, save and BAM, I got my stuff.

I can NEVER get it to show up on LTE but on wifi it seems to be ok with a little encouragement.

Did you use the walk-through for nginx and openssl? What UI’s do you have installed?

When I open the Settings and tap save, I works well for me too.
I tried it with openHAB, nginx and Apache, but nothing works. Maybe I have to fire up Wireshark, and look whats going on.

Now I found the issue.
I looked at the NSLog on my iPhone with the Apple Configurator.

The problem is that the openHAB iOS App recognizes the openHAB Version as 1.X and not as 2.X.
openHAB 1 has a XML Rest API, but openHAB 2 a JSON Rest API. That means the App gets null items/groups back from the Rest API :confused:

Now I have to look how we can fix this issue in the Xcode project…

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Excellent find. I wonder why mine on WIFI seems to realize the difference… or it may be something completely different. I look forward to your findings. Unfortunately I’m no programmer. I wish I could help more. If there is anything I can help with let me know.

I actually just noticed this is the magic fix everywhere including lte. I guess I hadn’t just tried that on lte, I would always mess with settings that probably caused further issues. I also noticed that I sometimes have to do this fix at home too so it’s universal.

Look forward to a fix but this is something I can at least communicate to my wife.

Now I found the issue and solved it.
When the option “Ignore SSL certificates” was on, the SSL certificate was checked anyway.

I added the required code lines in the Pull Request #113. Now we have to wait until @digitaldan releases a new version on the AppStore.

So after the update you have to trigger the option “Ignore SSL certificates” and everything should work fine. As temporary solution, you could install the SSL certificate on your iPhone. That should solve it aswell.

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Excellent! That’s great news.

I can and will google for it later but if you have a good link to adding a cert to an iphone, I would welcome it.

The certificate work around does only work, when you generate your own certificate.

Here are the steps provided how to configure NGINX with your own SSL-certificate.

Then you have to email the .crt file to yourself. When you tap this file, you can install it on your iOS device.

Hope thats helps :wink:

oh, you can just install it from email… ok. works for me.

I’m not sure if this is related, but I can see my sitemap using a browser, but I get an error in the iOS app when I try to view it. But I can see the “Home” site that merely lists out items that Things that I have setup in Paper UI.

I think this is a different problem.
The issue in this thread is, that we cannot load any sitemap or item.

Now the update is available!

Indeed. Would be nice if they put a little more than “various bug fixes” :slight_smile: