OH2: No SONOS player found when using AVM Fritzbox

Hi OpenHab Community,

OH2 is running quit fine with all our KNX components and a few AVM Fritz!DECT200, but no SONOS is found/useable when I use my FirtzBox. I tried my old Netgear router and it’s working out of the box.

But for saftey and energy consumption, I don’t won’t use both of them, so how can I solve this problem and use our SONOS components with OH2 and Fritzbox?

Some details of my setup:

Mac-Mini with OpenHab 2.1.0 / latest java / OSX 10.9.5
Some Sonos Play1 and Connect latest FW
Fritzbox 7390 06.83

What I tried:

Changing only the Fritzbox to my old Netgear GB834GB, OpenHab2 detects all Sonos direct and linked items are working well. :wink:

Sometimes it’s possible to add a Sonos manually when I use the Fritzbox and it appears for some seconds online in Paper UI using the right sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_B******* but it’s not possible to use the linked items and after reload of the page it’s showing offline. ;-(

When I can help, with some log files or other information, let me know.
Keep in mind, I’m a beginner with OH and Terminal is not my preferred environment. :wink:

Thank for your passion. regards


Hi again,

has no one an idea?



Hi @zeio,

I’ve got similar issues as seen below

Did you managed it somehow to work with a FritzBox?