OH2: occupant status, sitemap setpoint naming? (mapping/transformation?)


I want to have a simple occupant status. It will be set by switches or rules, but how do I go about that best?

Each of the two occupants in the house should have a status. Either home, asleep or away.
I made a number item, and created a setpoint in the sitemap.
But the sitemap now (of course) shows “Status Daniel” as 1,2 or 3. I would like to map 1 to home, 2 to asleep, 3 to away. Any way to do that?

thank you

Hi @Daniel_Hermann1,

you can do it this ways:

look for the Element Type ‘Switch’ and replace “TV Channel …” to youre needs


Switch item=<itemname> [label="<labelname>"] [icon="<iconname>"] [mappings="<mapping definition>"]


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that does it, thank you