OH2 on Raspberry Pi 3: RaZberry2 or Z-stick?


Completely new to openHAB (and also Raspberry Pi), and I want to use my RPi3 together with OH2 to try some z-wave stuff at home.
The thing that is decided right now is just the RPi3 and OH2, and my next step is to buy some z-wave controller, so which one should I choose?
So, what do you, people with experience, suggest i buy; A RaZberry2 or a Aeon Labs Z-stick gen5?

Do I get any advantages by going with RaZberry2? As I see it, a Z-stick at least gives me the possibility to use it on a regular PC or my Synology NAS if I want to. DOes it have any drawbacks compared to RaZberry2?
What other pros and cons do you see with the different alternatives?
Are there other z-wave controllers that are known to be the perfect match for OH2 on RPi3?


I started with RaspberryPi 3 and RaZberry (the first gen). I remember struggling with serialPorts, needed to pass environment variables to the karaf, disable on-board Bluetooth… Lots of hassle. See issue on openHABian github for the reference.
Need to mention that it was before @pathec published his great Z-Way binding so right now is most probably less painful to configure :slight_smile:

Anyway I decided to set up my gear around Z-Stick S2 - so far no issues, works out of the box with the Z-Wave binding. I observed that the range improved as well.

I think those two are the most common here.

Personally I prefer (and use) the Aeon stick Gen5. Mainly because of the own battery based functionality. When including devices to the zwave network, the device and the controller have to be in close range. When you use the razberry card, you can’t guarantee this (at least not if your zwave device is already mounted anywhere in the house). With the stick you simply walk to the device, include it with the stick near the device, put the stick back into the RPi3 and are ready to go.

Also, as kubawolanin already mentioned, the razberry seems to be more tricky to get going.

One further advantage is (as you said), that you can use the stick also with other systems (NAS, PC etc.), if you decide later on to move away from RPi3. Then you have not to include all devices again as they are stored on the stick.

I vote for the Aeon stick! :slight_smile:

Looks like Z-stick world be a good choice then.
Ordering button, here I come!


@kubawolanin as you mentioned the github issue: can you add any details there? I’m still waiting for more to go with…

Hey Thom, I’d love to help but got rid of my RaZberry and can’t provide any details that weren’t already described in the issue.

Okay, no problem. After some research I got most of what is needed figured out and will do the needed changes in some days.

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