OH2 Paper UI Configuration of Things for KNX -> What is the Channel ID

Moved to OH2 now. I’ve got a very simple question and I was unable to figure out when reading the docs. I would like to create a KNX Thing. This works fine. When now creating a “Channel”, Paper UI asks for the following parameters:

  • Channel Type
  • Channel ID
  • Label
  • Address

I get what is the Channel Typ, Label and Address. However, how can i figure out the “Channel ID”? Is there somewhere a description about what exactly this is?

Wouldn’t that be the unique name, up to you to make one up?

As in this example from binding docs, demoSwitch

Type switch        : demoSwitch        "Light"       [ ga="3/0/4+<3/0/5" ]

This is it! Thanks rossko57!

Basically create a unique name and then it works. Would be good the developers ad a line to the configuration field saying something like “add a unique name to create the channel” or similar.

While adding this, would be good to also update the address configuration line from:
“The group address(es) in Group Address Notation”
“The group address(es) in Group Address Notation (Format X.X.XX and not X/X/XX)”

Just wishing here probably won’t make it happen.

It does raise a point - many bindings docs tend to favour either xxx.things file configuration or PaperUI configuration, maybe depending on author’s preference, sometimes depending on the kind of technology supported.

The only way to support file config is the “readme” style docs, end users may edit those directly (it gets overseen). It’s not a nice process, mind :slight_smile:

In this case though, wanting to add explanatory text prompts to PaperUI “form”, I think you are in the hands of the binding authors for the time being.
I believe it’s all done with XML, but there doesn’t seem to be any path for users to edit that.

Long winded way to say - raise a github issue against the binding for your suggestions.

I don’t mind whether it is xx.xx.xx rather then xx/xx/xx like ETS is using it. However, if the format is changed due to an author’s preference, then it is key to describe it in the entry field.

Happy to raise that in GitHub. Just one other simple question, where do I find the GitHub for PaperUI? Do you have a linke to this? Or is this rather to be raised with the KNX binding?

I understand that the XML that controls how any given binding’s tweaks are presented in PaperUI is created and maintained in association with that binding.

So, KNX binding in OH2 add-ons, I reckon.

It seems a bit weird if text Things want 1/2/3 format and PaperUI wants 1.2.3, maybe there’s more to fix there.

Raised an issue now. Lets see…