OH2/Raspian + OHDesigner/Windows: "not a valid directory"

My Setup:
PC, Windows 10, openHAB designer (working well with OH1 under Windows)
Raspberry 3, openhabian, OH2, Samba (everything working well)

On my Windows PC I can access the directory /etc/openhab2/ on my Raspi as a Samba share (shared as “openHAB-conf”) which I mapped as windows drive letter “O:”

I can read and write all configuration files in all subdirectories on my Raspi with a Windows text editor like notepad++ , for example edit files in O:\persistence or O:\sitemaps .

But if I try in my openHAB Designer under Windows to set O:\ as the configuration root, I get the error: “The choosen directory is not a valid openHAB configuration directory.”

Try using a samba share on directory one up and navigating to openhab share - this works for me :slight_smile:

For use with OH2 it is recommended to use the “Eclipse SmartHome Designer”.
To allow access I modified the predefined samba shares.

Mounted a samba share on /etc/ by modifying the samba config-file “/etc/samba/smb.conf”.
This could look like this:

  comment=fuer OH Designer-Zugriff 
  only guest=no
  create mask=0777
  directory mask=0777

Start Eclipse SmartHome Designer in Windows.
Open the new shared folder “openHAB-etc” in your network.
Select …/openhab2