OH2: Rollershutter only 1..100%, not 0..100%?

Thanks - I’ve found the problem. It’s only occurring when invert is set. I’ll probably update the development branch to fix this tonight - not sure about the main branch at the moment.

Great, thanks!

Chris, has this been fixed in the master?

I am experiencing the same but the difference is that all my rollershutters have been calibrated (all other settings are as mentioned above). I am using the invert-percentage mode, too.

Here is log if me closing the rollershutter a bit and then reopening it completely
2018-02-24 17:50:24.638 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - F1_LivingRoom_shutter_living_side changed from 100 to 8
2018-02-24 17:51:41.436 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - F1_LivingRoom_shutter_living_side changed from 8 to 0
2018-02-24 17:51:45.972 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - F1_LivingRoom_shutter_living_side changed from 0 to 1

What is weird though that it is going to 0 and then jumping back to 1…


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I’m not 100% sure, but as this is from quite a long time ago, I would say it is. I don’t say above that it’s only in the development binding, so it should be in master.

Thanks Chris for getting back so fast.

As I am on OH 2.2 I should be using the latest version (what is actually the right place to look up what binding version I AM using?) and it is still in issue. Is there anything that I can provide you as data to track the issue down, i.e. increasing the debug level (if yes, where exactly would I change that?)


Log into the karaf console and type:

openhab> list|grep -i zwave
249 │ Active   │  80 │     │ ZWave Binding

Thanks sihui for telling!

I’d loved to share the information but… :cry:
Unfortunately I currently have an issue to login to karaf (see Karaf console throws error when logging in and exits)
As soon as this is fixed I will share my version.


As I was able to fix the karaf console, I was then able to find out what the version of my zwave binding is

226 │ Active │ 80 │ 2.2.0 │ ZWave Binding

As far as I know, it was only changed in the development branch.
I am still using a rule as workaround to show the correct open/closed number (using the snapshot binding).

If that’s the case,

  • @michel53 Could you provide the rule for me?

  • @chris Can you point to the Dev Branch I should be using or just the latest?

    • Does the Dev Branch contain breaking changes?
    • Is it enough to only download the one zwave-JAR-File of the binding? (The reason I am asking is that on other places I have noticed that people also recommend to provide some “serial”-binding)

Thanks for your support, guys! :smile:

Here we go:


rule "Summe geschlossene Rollos"
  Item Shutter1 changed or
  Item Shutter2 changed or
  Item Shutter3 changed or
  Item Shutter4 changed or
  Item Shutter5 changed
  if(SystemStarted_delayed.state == ON)
      var int shuttersum = 0;
      if(Shutter1.state > 1)
      if(Shutter2.state > 1)
      if(Shutter3.state > 1)
      if(Shutter4.state > 1)
      if(Shutter5.state > 1)
      logInfo("Rollershutter Loginfo", "Rollershutter Summe: " + shuttersum + " zu")

rule "Alle Rollos über virtuelles item bedienen"
  Item Shutter_all received command
  if(SystemStarted_delayed.state == ON)
    Shutter1.sendCommand(receivedCommand) // Küchentürrollo command weiterreichen
    Shutter2.sendCommand(receivedCommand) // Küchenfensterrollo command weiterreichen
    Shutter3.sendCommand(receivedCommand) // Esszifensterrollo command weiterreichen
    Shutter4.sendCommand(receivedCommand) // Wozitürrollo command weiterreichen
    Shutter5.sendCommand(receivedCommand) // Wozifensterrollo command weiterreichen

Shutter_all is a virtual item. It serves to open/close all shutters from the sitemap and to show the correct number of closed shutters.


    Switch item=Shutter_all


Rollershutter Shutter_all          "Rollos (alle) [%d/5 zu]"                          <rollershutter>   // virtual item, mapdb persistence (reload at startup), sets all rollershutters via rule


As far as I know, the dev branch contains some breaking changes (secure inclusion; you will have to add all your devices again). This kept me from going to the development branch.

Thanks, Micha, for the comprehensive answer!

The link is at the top of this thread -:

Yes - read the first few posts in this thread. You will need to reconfigure all things.

Yes, you will also need the serial driver bundle (not the serial binding). Again, read the first few posts it is mentioned there.

Thanks Chris - I appreciate that (and all your work and time)!

Ok, looks like a major task to move over. Configuring all things (I have around 30) is quite some work. Seems I need to reserve a weekend for that :wink:

Regarding the serial bundle you mentioned

It seems that OH comes with the serial bundle installed now so hopefully you shouldn’t need to manage that…

so there is nothing to take care about:…


Not at all: you only have to delete the thing and readd it again. All your linked items should be available after readding (at least that was the case for me).
So for 30 devices it would be around 10-15 minutes :grinning:

Seems you kind of convinced and will move to the dark side, too. :wink:

Don’t call me paranoid but just in case, @sihui, something goes wrong, how do I remove the dev version and get the master version back?

Same way; delete the jar (or the market place version of the secure binding), install zwave binding through PaperUI, delete all things, readd all things.
Just in case; do always a full backup of your openHAB :rofl:

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I’ve just upgraded to “openHAB 2.3.0 Release Build”:

openhab> list|grep -i zwave
223 │ Active   │  80 │ 2.3.0                  │ ZWave Binding

and i can still reproduce this issue.

As mentioned in the description i also use “Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222” and “Invert percentage” is enabled for the channel.

Is it expected that fix is not included in in 2.3.0 ?

Looking at the above comment, the change was only made to the development branch, so yes, it would be expected that it is not fixed in the master branch.