OH2 RPI3 Influxdb not working after install

(Ingo) #1

I installed influxdb 1.2 according to this tutorial on a RPI3:

and went on with the first part of the tutorial:

I changed the /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf as decribed in thr tutorial and restarted influxdb.
I can then enter influx by CLI, but not via Browser neither http://localhost:8083 nor :8086.
On Port 8083 the Browser responds with a page load error (page is not there),
on Port 8086 it responds with:
404 page not found
I deinstalled, and reinstalled, googled but can’t get it run.
Grafana is running, but can’t acces the influxdb.
Any help apreaciated.

(Angelos) #2

Port 8083 is the admin interface for InfluxDB. If you want to enable it, you should modify the /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf file. It is disabled by default. The tutorial does not cover this (if I am not wrong)

Port 8086 is the http endpoint (enabled by default). Accessing http://<host_IP>:8086 with a browser will give you a 404 (that’s good… it means that it’s working). (you could try: http://<host_IP>:8086/query?q=SHOW+DATABASES)
This http endpoint is used by openHAB2 persistence to store data into InfluxDB (with HTTP POST /write etc… it’s an API)

Conclusion: Your InfluxDB setup is working ok :slight_smile:
Double Check the Grafana setup steps… maybe something is wrong there

(Ingo) #3

Well… don’t tell anybody about these posting:mask:
Think I have to go to sleep…

Thanks for your help.