OH2 rules: Is there a "when item is loaded" trigger?

I am looking for a system based event which is being triggered as soon an item, frame,… is being shown or refreshed on a client.

Means: The rule should only be triggered when someone requests a display of a certain element. If the item itself changes, nothing sould happen.

I looked here https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/Rules#item—event-based-triggers but I didn’t find what I was looking for.

Or is this against the design/idea of openhab?


I wouldn’t say that it is against the design of OH but it certainly is not something that is currently supported. The only system based triggers I know of are System started and System shutdown, and the reliability of shutdown is a little in question based on some other threads I’ve helped people with.

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do you mean that if I want to start a rule simply using an icon on UI it is not possible? Consider that the icon I mean it is not link to a things.

This because I need to switch on a channel and switch off it after 1 second.


Then you need to create an Item linked to a Channel on the Thing. You can trigger a Rule by sending a command or update to an Item. That is one of the reasons Items exist.