OH2 RWE SH Rollershutter with Homekit

I have OH2 running (on Windows 10) with Homekit working properly.

In my homekit.items I can define items like
Switch LichtWohnzimmer “Licht Wohnzimmer” [“Lighting”] {rwe=“id=8a3558b7-7734-42e2-b2f6-4879aedf6a5b,param=switch”}
Dimmer RolladenWohnzimmerRechts “Rolladen Wohnzimmer rechts [%d %%]” [“Lighting”] {rwe=“id=0a8681a0-a20f-4fb8-af36-fbeae3bd11bc,param=rollershutterinverted”}

I could not find any working information on setting up rollershutters properly. When I use [“Rollershutter”] instead of [“Lighting”], it stops working.
Do I have to work around this, setting up a scene in Homekit? Btw. is there a coplete reference, which devices I can control in Homekit?


EDIT: Last night, I found out, that setting up rollershutters as [“Lighting”] is not a good idea when you tell SIRI to switch off all lights…Lights went off, rollershutters up :wink:

Did get a solution for this? I will definitely run into the same issue… have you tried [switchable]?

I guess this is the related issue. There seems to be a fork of the addon which implements rollershutters…

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