OH2 setup - no conf folder?

I have installed OH2 on my Beaglebone using apt-get.

Now, I try to access the OH files through the SmartHome designer on my windows machine through a smb share. This used to work ok unter OH1.

According to the page http://docs.openhab.org/tutorials/migration, there should be a folder called conf, which I cannot find under /etc/openhab2. Instead, I see the directories /etc/openhab2/items, /etc/openhab2/rules etc.

Which configurations folder do I point the designer to in this case?

Thx, G.

you should use /etc/openhab2 as configurations folder. Be aware that you have to use the openhab user from within smb to get write access to the files.

Thanks, Udo

Next issue: After choosing the shared configuration folder containing the directories html, items, persistence, etc. in designer and clicking OK, nothing is shown in the configurations window.

The access rights seem to be ok - at least I can access and alter the files on my windows machine through windows explorer.

Any hints?

Found a workaround: