OH2, Sonos and network segmentation

Hello Guys

In my new installation I’ve splitted my network into a technical vLAN, a “consumer” vLAN.
Planned is to use my OH Server in the technical vLAN and my Sonos in the consumer vLAN.

So far so good… but for the discovery OH and Sonos need to be in the same subnet (multicast, UPnP).
My question is now: Is this only for the discovery requiered or also for the normal usage (controlling Sonos, sending sounds etc…)

Thank you

Have you found a solution for this? I’m in the same situation.

Hey Davy

I’m afraid to say but No…
I have discussed it with some Network Pro’s.
The problem is, that the UPnP Protocol isn’t rout able, which is a prerequisite for it.

I gave up and moved my OH Server in my consumer LAN :frowning: