OH2 thing creation without selecting a bridge thing

I am updating the Freebox binding and for that purpose I have now created a bridge type and several thing types.

When I create manually a thing using Paper UI, I can select a bridge thing. But Paper UI allows me to select no bridge too. I would like to know if it is an issue in Paper UI ?
If it is not an issue to have no bridge thing selected, I would like to know what is the expected state that should have my thing when the bridge is not defined ? Should I set no state and leave the state as Uninitialized or should I set it to Offline ? Of course, my thing cannot work until a bridge thing is defined.

Then, you can edit the thing and select the bridge thing. In this case, what method is called on my thing object ? In this case, I would like to trigger a kind of init.

@Kai: probably a question for you.

@lolodomo I have the same issue described here. Did you get to know how to make the bridge selection REQUIRED for manual thing creation ?
how did you solve the issue ?

I think I have probably not solved that case.