OH2: Update Binding to latest OH3 version

I have to stay with OH2 since an other binding doesn’t work flawlessly with OH3.
But I want to use the Telsa Binding and there was a recent update which I need to install to make the Tesla binding work.
The Telsa Binding says it’s on version 2.5.12 (via bundle:list).
I know that you can update via bundle:update [NUMBER] [URL] but I don’t know the URL of the latest Tesla Binding and if this will work anyways?

openHAB 2.5 and 3.x bindings are not compatible.

You can run two OH instances (v2 and v3) and interconnect using the openhab remote binding


A better solution might be to report the issue you’re having about the binding that isn’t working well on 3.2 so it gets fixed

Thanks for the hint. I’m trying to set this up.

It has been reported a year ago and a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the maintainer is not reachable. I’m not the only one with this issue.
Gardena company seems to have responded with a hint how to possibly fix it but I don’t have the knowledge to fix this.