OH2 Weather Binding Meteoblue not working

I have configured with sucess the weather binding for YahooWeather, OpenWeatherMap and Wounderground.
I would like to add Meteoblue as they have more differnet and more accurate weather data for Europe.
Unfortunately I struggle with that task.
This is the output in the log
[INFO ] [eather.internal.common.WeatherConfig] - ProviderConfig[providerName=METEOBLUE,apiKey=ch3857tyxxxxxxx]
[INFO ] [eather.internal.common.WeatherConfig] - LocationConfig[providerName=METEOBLUE,language=de,updateInterval=10,latitude=47.494301,longitude=9.46246,woeid=,locationId=Horn_MB,name=Horn, Switzerland]
[INFO ] [ternal.scheduler.WeatherJobScheduler] - Starting and scheduling weatherJob-Horn_MB with interval of 10 minutes
[ERROR] [nal.provider.AbstractWeatherProvider] - METEOBLUE[Horn_MB]: Can’t retreive weather data: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

I have checked the api link wich is working perfectly
Does anybody have a working meteoblue config with the free basic-day data ?

I ran into the same problem.

did a quick tcpdump to see what’s being sent to the server:

GET /dataApi/dispatch.pl?apikey=xxxxxxxxxx&type=json_7day_3h_firstday&lat=47.xxxxx&lon=8.xxxxx&temperature=C&windspeed=ms-1&winddirection=degree&precipitationamount=mm&format=json

That request is not supported by the non commercial basic-day package.

Don’t know what package is need in order to make this binding work.

I’d think that the information provided by the basic-day should be enough but apparently the developer of the weather binding thought otherwise.

I would like to try the meteoblue binding with a free (non commercial) usage. I did not found a simple way to subscribe to the API, it looks like it is done through a mail !
I am not sure what to answer to the questions:

  • Historical or forecast data: I suppose it is forecast ?
  • Desired data package(s) or weather variables: I suppose it is weather variables ?
  • Approximate number of daily request: (e.g. number of locations x number of daily updates): ok, it is easy, 1 in my case.

Then, I read in the auto generated mail: We want to test the meteoblue API for 14 days for free. Does it mean that it will stop working after 14 days ?

Maybe, all this should be explained in README.