OH2 ZWave database resync

I plan to do a complete update to the zwave database tonight. This will not affect most devices, but there will be a few devices that will likely change thingtype. Since we now have the information from the ZWave spec, I’ve updated some manufacturers where we previously used unknown or some other guess.

For devices that have updated, you might need to delete and add the thing back into the system - you don’t need to exclude and re-include the device from the network.

Any questions, just ask…

For those interested, there are now 420 devices in the database, of which 328 are included in the openHAB2 binding.

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How can I update the zwave database in my local installation?

Simply update the binding to the latest snapshot version - this will include the updated database.

And how can I do this. I installed the binding via paper ui.

Just uninstall the binding, and reinstall it again - if you are using the snapshot version, it will update to the latest version.

Can I check anywhere the version of zwave binding?
I use openhab - beta 4 (offline) version

You can check the version in the console, but if you are using the offline version then it will always use the same binding (since it is offline) and if you are using a fixed version such as a beta, it will always use that version (even if using an online version).

I would suggest to use the latest snapshot, online version.

Thank you.