OH3.1.0M1 : audio not working

I’m running the OH3.1.0M1 on a docker container.
In this configuration, a sonos binding is used to connect to one Connect:AMP
My scenario is quite simple, it’s to play a sound on a event. Unfortunatly, no sound.
The command used in openhab:

openhab:audio play dingdong.mp3 70

The command used in a rule:

    rule "DingDong"
    	Item DingDong received update
        playSound("sonos:CONNECTAMP:RINCON_000E58DA4B7601400","dingdong.mp3", new PercentType(70))

One way or the other, no sound :frowning:

The Audio settings is well defined:in the settings:

Running Bundle:list shows a “audio” and a “sonos” bundles running on 3.1.0.M1

Any idea, suggestion to debug is more than welcome :wink:

I have a similar issue that I’ve just described here: SONOS, 'say' what? - #78 by realthk.

Here is the error description: I also have an issue with my Sonos / Symfonisk setup. It used to work a while ago with some 2.x version of Openhab. I can scan for SONOS boxes, my Symfonisk gets discovered and is shown as ONLINE. I can also select it as the default audio sink in the settings on the web UI:

However, it is not shown when running openhab:audio sinks, my SONOS box is missing:

* System Speaker (enhancedjavasound)
  Web Audio (webaudio)

Any ideas?

Since I wasn’t using it frequently, I don’t know when it stopped working. For sure it did not work using any of the 3.x versions. I’m running Openhab in Docker with the current milestone version (3.1.0.M1).

I don’t know if it’s link or not but I’ve removed OH3.1.0M1 and I’ve reinstalled the release build version 3.0.1
That was the solution for me … :crossed_fingers: